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Happy belated birthday, Karina! Thanks to all of you for the awesome Chill Subs, aka Cool Subs, website. I need to pull funding from a couple of other patreons....then I plan on donating to you all!

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Oct 20, 2023Liked by Benjamin Davis

Wow, I guess it's the first time I read-read one of those emails, and guys,.. I'm dying laughing and at the same time my eyes are tearing from the pain I know you all share.

But I beleive in you, Cool Subs with shitted beds, pants, everithing!

Soon it's all gonna be honey

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Love what you are doing, have been following you from the start. How's Georgia? Apparently Europes oldest grape vine is there or something. Been meaning to visit to go find it, because why not?

Don't get me wrong, but if you were my offspring - I'd be worrying a bit! But that's just a Mum thing. I can do daft things, but not my kids, they need to keep safe and sound and in a decent job. :)

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This is so F’n good. Lol, there is a reason I always carry a spare surfshorts/bermuda in my backpack and wet wipes.

Your stories and drawings are great and I hope you one day pack them and kickstart a booklet

Ill even suggest Comiclab podcast for you guys to get a bit more inspiration on stories about webcomic artists who learned to make a living while giving away their drawings

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this is the first time i really read the updates (i usually only pay attention to the mag recs bc i’m just a girl (who wants to get published)) but ik now that i’ll always be in the lookout for the monthly updates

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